What We Do

We create extensive e-commerce projects with multi-million traffic. From data processing and DB structure, to SEO optimization and UX/UI architecture, to shipping and payment systems, we cover all areas to ensure your investment works for you.

Our e-Commerce Features

Shopping Cart

The system processes 10 thousand
transactions daily

Authorized users can
apply coupon codes
and discounts

The ability to restrict the sale of
selected product types or brands
to selected countries/states

Holiday discounts
are available

Payment System

Integration with banks,
ERP and CRM systems

Multiple ways to pay
such as Visa, MC, and PayPal
(soon Apple/Amazon Pay)

Integration with financing
systems (Affirm)

Anti Fraud system based on
Visa 3D Secure service


The system allows the user to
select the fastest or the cheapest
delivery method

The system selects the most suitable
vendor/location for the product
based on Product cost + Shipping cost + Reimbursement rate

The system applies different Taxes
and Prices for different
locations or products

Delivery through