Nexteum starts a series of free monthly PHP meetups

In September the first meeting of like-minded people will be held in Odessa as a part of a series of PHP meetings from the CODEiD community. Two development managers from Nexteum – Ivan Melnichuk and Vladimir Kochetkov – will be the speakers of the first meetup.

“We are launching  a series of informative and inspiring meeting where our speakers will talk about current trends in PHP, share knowledge and experience. For participants, this meetup will be an excellent opportunity for backstage communication, during which answers to relatively difficult individual cases are often found and urgent issues are resolved”,  as per Nexteum press series notes.

Topics of the first meeting PHP Meetup #1 from CODEiD are “Efficiency of the programmer” and “Ways to solve problems with legacy code in the content of rapid project development”. Team Lead from Nexteum Vladimir Kochetkov will tell about three components that will help increase the productivity of not only the developer, but the entire team. His colleague Ivan Melnichuk will elaborate on working with legacy code during the rapid development of the project.

“Almost everyone who has come to the project got a decade old code written by someone else. Such a historical (hysterical) code is often so terrible that it’s not crear how to work with it. But in fact, the legacy system is not that scary” – says Ivan Melnichuk, Team Lead in Nexteum.

CODEiD-PHP Meetup #1 will be held on September 27 in Odessa. We invite everyone who seeks for developing their skills in PHP and meeting like-minded people.