Atmosphere of coziness, comfort and healthy lifestyle. Design update at the Nexteum office

Nexteum expands office space and carries out major repairs. The new interior was developed by professional designers from “More Studio” and is designed to create a favorable atmosphere in the office.

The interior design is focused on the feeling of comfort and warmth. The stylistic tandem of office minimalism and home comfort is expressed in a smart rooms layout, comfortable lounge area and a spacious kitchen. Carefully selected colors evoke a pleasant atmosphere of home.

“We want to feel at home here. Everything should remind of care and comfort. After all, the office is like a second home for us, and the team is the second family. The atmosphere around should be welcoming, warm and pleasant”, as reported in Nexteum.

Open space dominates in the office. The walls of each room are painted in a carefully chosen color scheme, with stylistic accents such as vivid paintings or inscriptions.

Special care is emphasized by a very spacious kitchen, modern gym and a cosy game room. Comfortable conference rooms are well equipped for our productive meetings and discussions.