Nexteum provides the team with an exclusive networking opportunity during CODEiD

For those who have been dreaming of getting a chance to talk to the leading European developers – now it’s easier than ever before. Nexteum gives opportunities. The team can freely attend all CODEiD conferences and communicate limitlessly with both foreign and native guests in an informal atmosphere.

And it’s not surprising that at CODEiD – PHP Odessa Conf# 5, the discussion of chat bots on PHP, code review and testing of microservice architecture continued far beyond the walls of our Odessa office – on numerous steps of the Potemkin Stairs, under the walls of the Opera House, at the monument to the Duke of Richelieu and even on the berth of the Marine Station. By the way, the morning fog on the berth reminded one of our speakers, Brit Dave Liddament, of his beloved London.

“I flew thousands of kilometers to see the sea in sunny Odessa, but it seems like I haven’t left London”,  the guest from England laughs during a tour of Odessa sights.

It’s exciting for every developer to show the city to an international speaker and talk to him about IT. And it’s possible. This time we also had an interesting chat with Christoph Rumpel, the Web and chatbot developer from Austria, Hannes Van De Vreken from Belgium, and our Ukrainian colleagues, Yevgeny Kuzmin (CTO Smart Gamma) and developer Vladimir Senyuk.

We not only learned more about each other’s experience, opportunities and professional approaches, but also tested the comfort and gastronomic diversity of Odessa pubs and restaurants.