CODEiD – PHP Meetup #1: how to be a productive developer and quickly deal with legacy code

What determines the efficiency of a programmer and how to quickly find solutions while working with technical debt – the first CODEiD meetup in Odessa was dedicated to these topics. Team leads of Nexteum Ivan Melnichuk and Vladimir Kochetkov shared their experience and professional lifehacks.

The effectiveness of the programmer is based on three foundations – concentration, balancing and communication. Vladimir Kochetkov is sure: the concentration of skills in a certain area of work, the rule of the “golden mean” and advanced team communications will help to become a highly productive developer.

“Daily practicing in one area, the programmer becomes expert in it, and with some time will show good results in this area. This is concentration. Due to the fact that efficiency has nothing in common with perfectionism, in taking decisions it’s important not to chase the ideal and not to go to extremes. And regarding communication – the better developed intra-team communications, the more chances to find the optimal solution inside quickly”, – concluded Vladimir Kochetkov.

What do we need to do with the code that was inherited, and how to reincarnate technical debt quickly, injecting new vitality into the project? Team lead Ivan Melnichuk spoke about working with legacy code under tight deadlines. He not only advised how to make an effective work plan correctly, but also recommended some techniques to resolve the issue.

“First, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel – this is the main rule of code writing. It’s important to comply with the code standard and code review. Special attention should be paid to the database architecture. The old one cannot be forbidden completely, it’s necessary to maintain it and create a new one in parallel. Do not ignore plan B (a rollback plan for integration if “something goes wrong”) and don’t forget about documentation”, – Ivan Melnichuk gave advice.

Next CODEiD – PHP Meetup preliminarily will be held in November. More details on the announcements of the meetup are available in the Nexteum Facebook group.