Writing a Resume

A well-written and informative resume says a lot about your professional skills and experience.

We want to give you some tips on how to present your professional background:

  • Provide your contact information (phone number and email) so that the HR manager can get in touch with you;
  • Describe your work experience in detail, starting with your recent position and ending with your first job. Give detailed information about your responsibilities and achievements in your previous jobs;
  • List your educational background and include information about professional courses, awards, and certificates related to your occupation;
  • Specify your professional and foreign language skills in the additional section;
  • Do not provide irrelevant information;
  • Make sure your resume contains all the necessary information about you and is grammatically correct. It should not have spelling and punctuation errors.

Preparing for an Interview

An interview is the last and most important part of the recruitment process. Below are some tips on how to successfully pass the interview and put your best foot forward:

  • Learn about the company where you’re applying for a job;
  • Make sure the position you’re applying for is right for you. Prepare questions about your future responsibilities;
  • Try to show your best self and convince the employer that you are the best candidate for this position. Be confident and natural. Answer all questions honestly and accurately.